Friday, March 31, 2023

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    Expensive ‘wh*re’!: Inside Amber Ray’s lifestyle

    ‘Amber the Brand’ is trending again. Definitely not for a good reason. She might have gotten too kinky with someone’s son and treated him to some car sex and bush love! The poor fella who didn’t enjoy the experience (still a joke to me ‘coz how the F**K’ do you complain about that?) expressed his disgust on his stories.

    First and hope the last guy to complain about a kinky, intense, and dirty woman. Shame on him by the way.

    Ib Kabba has clearly shown his reservations when it comes to love, sex and relationships, and that’s his business.  His claims about socialite Amber Ray needing a shower and that she lives a fake life are without a doubt our business. Do you think the allegations are true? Or should the heartbroken guy lick his wounds, heal and move on? Clearly cannot forget what she did to him, eh!

    Dear nosy humans, let’s look at Amber Ray’s personal hygiene and ‘fake life’

    If there’s one thing about Amber, as someone who doesn’t have any career, or business keeping her busy, she sure keeps us updated on everything she does. She will post snippets of her in a bathtub, or towel, there is no way this woman doesn’t clean up, or I’m wrong. Or did Ib Kabba mean something else?

    Without judging, feminine hygiene is a complex thing, maybe she doesn’t get it right beneath all that glow. No offense!

    20-year-old me started following Amber Ray when there were accusations against her for being a husband snatcher, which was actually true, she had moved in with Jimal and was now his second wife. Since then, she has been quite a controversial person in the entertainment sector as a socialite.

    First forward, Amber and Jimal’s relationship hit rock bottom and it dissolved. The man went back to his family and #Amberthebrand akaoga akarudi soko. Since the relationship ended, she has not been solid with anyone in the dating department.

    Her relationship with her Sierra Leonean ex was short-lived and the poor fella is still nursing the character development he got. The Unapologetic socialite went back to the streets to hunt as usual.

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    Amber Ray is big on flaunting her flashy lifestyle on social media. But do you believe Kabba’s statement about her fake lifestyle? Do you believe that her owning a Porsche ride, taking her son to Dubai for vacation and her expensive residence are all but fake?

    The mother of one is known to share photos of herself enjoying a good time in exotic locations on social media. She came into the limelight courtesy of her lavish socialite lifestyle and is known to prefer hanging out with men of deep pockets and has never been apologetic about it.

    Her social media pages are also filled with photos of herself driving top-of-the-range cars, enjoying expensive gateways, dining in exquisite restaurants, and wearing designer clothes, shoes, and handbags.

    In her Instagram stories, the mother of one is always clear that she prefers men with deep pockets, she says she can’t date a broke guy. As if that’s not enough, she is not interested in any kind of business, or investment as she lives off men’s pockets.

    In a not so recent story on Instagram, she had a fan come at her and call her a wh*re, which she didn’t take to heart and answered her back “you forgot “Expensive”

    It’s only clear that her lavish and flashy lifestyle is real, not hard-earned wealth but she gets men who want to spend on her. Nosy humans can go to hell or get men who are willing to give them the kind of life she is given. What matters is that she has, and some haters don’t, not my opinion!

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