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    Top 5 Kenyan Tiktokers worth following

    “If you are not on TikTok, then you’re not cool,” my workmates say so. While many have reasons for not joining the famous social media app, I have like a thousand reasons why I am on TikTok. However, I will warn you I don’t have many followers- Just five, and I get zero likes. For Maureen, she would say TikTok is addictive and will have you spending all your time there. Very true!

    TikTok is a social media app that was launched in 2018 and gained popularity during the pandemic era it’s been growing fast ever since and has amassed a total of over 500 million users. It has quite revolutionized the social media era.

    While the platform’s global community of creators express themselves through dance, music, and comedy, many also use their platforms to educate others on various life hacks and fun activities to help them in their day to day lives

    Just like Instagram, we have TikTok elites, and they have taken the whole industry to a whole new level. Here are the top Kenyan TikTokers that have taken the entertainment industry by storm.

    Moya David

    If you thought I’d miss him on top of my list, then you have me confused with someone else. He is an epitome of fresh talent, and creativity, and don’t get me started on his energetic dance moves. He is definitely your girlfriend’s favorite dancer.

    From clips dancing alongside fruit and vegetable vendors in our local markets to brightening up police ladies’ faces, Moya has become a big deal in the entertainment industry. If your lady has not told you to get Moya to dance for her on her birthday, then she ain’t Kenyan.

    He has a total of over 2 million followers and 30 million likes on TikTok.


    FOLLOW ME! FOR MORE❤️?#moyadavid1 #tiktokkenya #tanzania #tiktoktanzania #fyp #viral #trending #litboy254

    ♬ Mi Amor (feat. Jovial) – Marioo


    Azziad Nasenya

    I call her ‘Queen Of TikTok” and so do many. Known for her prowess in acting, her killer dance moves, and oh boy! that infectious smile. She is undoubtedly the most famous TikToker in Kenya. A title she has held onto since her viral video of utawezana challenge.

    The TikTok queen has ever since landed endorsements, and a radio presenter job while still entertaining fans on TikTok.


    #azziad #morgyadrian

    ♬ original sound – game fboys


    Lucy Smiles

    Lucy who goes by the name Lucysmiles on TikTok is arguably the fastest rising content creator in Kenya. Her raw, fresh, and unique talent is what makes her unique in the famous app. She has revolutionized the entertainment industry with her energy and authenticity.

    Just like Azziad, the TikToker is bubbly and her dance moves are straight out of this universe.

    She has had immense growth in the content creation industry by her unique way of expressing herself on videos.

    The TikTok queen also doubles as a commercial model.


    ashawoo#lucysmiles0 #fyp #tiktokkenya

    ♬ original sound – African Music ?


    Ajib Gathoni

    This girl can dance! Currently the best female dancer in Kenya. She rose to fame in 2020 when her dance videos went viral on TikTok and across other social media platforms.

    The verified TikTok Queen is not only a dance queen but also a model and owns a cloth line.

    She has been an inspiration to the youths especially young ladies trying to chase their dreams, showing them that talent matters.


    Thank you for 10M likes?❤️DC : @flirtycarlos #ajibgathoni #joshwonder

    ♬ original sound – Flirtycarlos

    Nedy Perazo ( Prince of TikTok)

    Still not sure if a professional TikToker, but the lad is a dancer, choreographer, and content creator.   I hope he normalizes doing more solo videos once in a while so we can see more of him and embrace his talent. ( female point of view). Otherwise, he’s a TikToker that is very underrated. Totally worth following on Tiktok.


    This Sound is ??Cc @wayu_wayua #nedyparezo #wayuwayua

    ♬ TREND DE RIBADEEL – ribadeel ?

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