Friday, March 31, 2023

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    Top 6 Kenyan travel bloggers you didn’t know

    To make your weekend getaway or vacation tranquil, more diverting and most importantly to travel more for less, these travel bloggers will give you a first hand experience into their travel adventures and advice you need to start packing your bags.

    Personally, I stalk them on a daily basis and I get to soak myself into their day to day life style activities, still saving up for a trip to Maldives-might take me five years!

    Natalie Tewa

    Beautiful creative human. She turns ideas into content that her followers thirst into watching. She has excellent camera skills and her editing creativity is straight out of the universe.

    If you are looking for a safari, her You Tube channel and Instagram should be your -to-visit place first. You will get all the coveted ideas and tips to book that trip.

    Joy Kendi

    She is a lifestyle blogger. Quite vesartile, she will do a fashion vlog and nail it and do a travel vlog and still kill it. This lady knows how to tell a story. She will give you a first hand experience into her adventure and make you escape reality. Her excellent camera and editing skills will have you planning a trip sooner than you expect.

    Her Instagram is justjoykendi go follow her today and good luck, you will plan your next trip almost immediately.

    Just Rioba

    She calls herself ‘Mother of Passports ‘Although she is not very consistent on her YouTube, she films amazing reels on her Instagram. She has documented her trips to Takawiri island, Tanzania, Kigali, Rwanda.

    She knows how to tell a story, she is a natural when it comes to giving travel tips and ideas.

    Aunty Nimu

    Beauty, great aesthetics and excellent videography are what decribes this blogger.

    If you don’t follow this gorgeous, well-travelled and talented beauty, you are missing out on a chance of getting travel ideas and nice aesthetic for your travelling needs.

    She gives first-hand experience into her day to day travel activities, with well edited videos and photos, with captivating captions. She has documented her trips to Atlanta, New York city and other places around the world.

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    Sean Andrew

    He is a travel and life style blogger. He has documented his trips around Kenya , and outside Kenya. Great camera and editing skills. The aesthetics are super authentic and are his signature. The lad is well-traveled just in case his looks are not enough to go check out his work.


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