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    Kuoga na kurudi soko: Are ladies moving on too fast after a break-up?

    Did you guys read the article on Body count? Not that I care, but y’all should!

    I seriously don’t know how to begin this article right here. Maybe I should start with my friend’s concern that women are moving on too fast after a break-up. “madem siku izi wanamove on haraka, they are not giving us a chance to change our mind”

    Have relationships evolved over time? Most definitely! Modern relationships are fast-paced and you never hear about courtship. You will hear so and so are shagging, engaged, then married, or broken up by the end of the month. I wouldn’t know, ask Amber Ray.

    One thing that you’ll usually hear your grandparents *or even parents* complain about is how the young’uns do their dating nowadays. You know that line that starts with “Back in the day, we did this and not that” that will usually be followed by a litany of comparisons on how “disgraceful” modern relationships ended up. Well, sorry, Grandpa, we ain’t havin’ no courtin’ nowadays.

    Well what did you expect with this era of technology, y’all grannies should be thankful we even consider acquiring a partner, otherwise, dating is not a necessity-heartbroken point of view!

    This relationship thing is just so hard, the dating scene has changed, it’s all foreign, we have no blueprint of how to do it, no school curriculum you can learn all things love and relationships. The only example to emulate is that of our parents and guardians before us, but sometimes not even emulatable.

    In this digital era, people get married on Saturdays, have affairs while on honeymoon, and initiate the divorce process immediately after they return. Very normal if you ask me.

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    Have you heard the new hashtag in town ‘#kuoga na kurudi soko‘  Women have been duped into kuoga na kurudi soko and they keep hopping from market to market without even taking the proverbial shower! They don’t give their hearts time to heal, they immediately jump onto the next available male without a thought, and by the time they realize that there’s no love going on, they’re nursing another heartbreak, nastier and mightier than the previous one! Character development is served, chillied.

    If you keep up with social media, then you’ll know there’s a CEO for ‘kuoga na kurudi soko’. Amber Ray moves on at the speed of lightning. I do not want to talk about Zari Hassan or Betty Kyallo. I wonder if they actually have enough time to take the shower. I live for the drama on social media literally- but Pretty Vishy did take a shower after Simple Boy for sure.

    In a QnA I had on Instagram, I got to learn that most ladies are gangster about the modern dating scene. They say gone are the days that men used to cheat or have multiple partners and get away with it.

    He hurts me today and tomorrow I’m posting a new man, respectively‘ one lady said

    “men are full of crap, I broke up with my nigga, and he was getting married the following weekend to his 2-year girlfriend, girls should move on while in the relationship,” a clearly broken sis said

    ‘he broke up with me, and the next day I was in a relationship with his dad’ 

    What I’m hearing is, that women are revenging against men who broke up with them, sick! There is no healing of any kind, just a bunch of women jumping from bed to bed, rebound to rebound. Can we even call that moving on? What happened to taking a break, learning to love yourself, having that glow after a break-up, and just being all about you phase?

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    We all heal differently after a break-up, but having numerous rebounds every now and then is not part of the healing process. Can we all agree that kuoga kurudi soko’ is an absolute cliche

    Putting pressure on ourselves to be healed quicker — like flipping a switch — isn’t helpful. What we can try instead is to consider what it looks like to progressively heal, and hold ourselves accountable to those measurable steps!

    I know y’all women want to be seen as woke, modern, women who have gone against the norms and standards set by society, but kuoga kurudi soko is not forging your own path and finding love, y’all are being sluts!

    So guys, are women moving on too fast, and is it affecting you?

    We are surely getting that podcast ready. Stay tuned!




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