Friday, March 31, 2023

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    Bahati opens up about rocky first year of marriage ” Diana moved out three times”

    Bahati and Diana Marua are proof of a union that has stood the test of time. I mean, there have been numerous scandals and revelations that saw the marriage fall apart. The dirty laundry of Diana is being aired everywhere on numerous tabloids, who thought these guys will make it after the Will Paul scandal?

    Bahati has opened up on the challenges they faced in their relationship in their first year of marriage. He said that Diana Marua would walk out the minute she was provoked. She even walked out three times in one year.

    ” The first year she would move out when we disagreed, it was one of the toughest. You had to go for her at her home, you start at zero again. She walked out 2 to 3 times, stabilizing a relationship takes time” Bahati said in an interview with Mseto East Africa.

    He said that his wife’s main concern was that he was not spending quality time with her, and he didn’t dedicate much time to the family. The established artist by then was occupied with his music career and hence had not much time on his side to fully dedicate to his wife. He also said that by then Diana Marua had a newborn baby.

    When asked about his wife’s music career, he said that he was equally surprised when she came to him and said she wanted to become a rapper. However, he supported her anyway.

    ” I had never thought she would want to go to the studio, but she is a fast learner, I loved her confidence and flow.” A proud Bahati narrated.

    About his political aspirations, the singer said that his wife Diana has been very supportive and given him ideas on what is good for the people of Mathare.

    she is very supportive to me, to my family and she is the best my kids would ever ask for. She is already thinking of ways on how we can support my community and home. She has been praying for me, encouraging me, he said.

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