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    Meet Sheila Ligeyo an upcoming artist that is taking the music industry by storm

    I know most of you do not know her, YET! But her music is about to blow y’all. She is the epitome of raw, energetic, and fresh talent. Did I mention unique? I almost forgot.

    Sheila Ligeyo is taking the music industry by storm. I bet you are not ready for her.

    Sheila is a calm, ambitious, and hard-working musician whose dream is to go international as an artist someday.

    In a recent interview with Buzz Africa, the Boong Beng hitmaker got to share her journey as an upcoming artist in the music industry.

    Ligeyo who doubles as a certified chemical engineer started her music career in 2016 by doing live band performances. She even formed her own band.

    sheila and her band members

    She started singing as a kid with the help of her mom who she mentions as her greatest supporter.

    In addition to having a supportive mom, she studied music in high school where she always aced all her music exams.

    Her greatest inspiration was her realization that music was what she wanted to pursue. Music for her is a job that always excites her, that motivates her to wake up knowing she is going to work and loves every bit of it.

    Not everyone gets to do what they love as a source of income, she is grateful her music career is exactly what she wanted.

    The talented songstress tells Buzz that writing songs is not exactly her cup of coffee. Her current hit song ‘Boong Beng’ was co-written by her and her producer. However, she confirms that her next song which is just around the corner is purely written by her.

    When asked about the challenges she faces as an upcoming artist, the Let you Know hitmaker said that she started as a live band performer, and transitioning to doing her own original songs has been hectic.

    “I have been in the sector of live band performance for the longest time, so transitioning to doing my originals is quite a challenge especially when you have to work without a manager it can be a bit hectic. i don’t know the music scene really well, I’m still learning the dynamics.” She narrated

    “In the live band sector, at times clients delay payments for a long time you might need up giving up even with signed contracts,” she added.

    Apart from music, sheila is a chemical engineer, she studied at the University of Nairobi.

    The 28-year-old tells us that balancing between studies and music was an uphill task.  She had to sacrifice good gigs for school because she didn’t want to deal with pending exams and assignments.

    Sheila’s role model is Zuchu, she has been her follower since she was signed at Wasafi records and wishes to do a collabo with Sanaipei Tande.

    “I would love to collaborate with Sanaipei Tande as she is authentic. I have always admired her and her voice is goals.” The songstress said hopefully.

    “I got to do background vocals in a couple of her gigs and her gigs are among the best I’ve ever done” she added.

    Her dream is to be an international artist and be nominated for global awards someday. She just hopes that people would relate to her music so that would happen.

    ” In two years time, Iwould like to see myself become a renowned music star so that i could be an inspiration and help to coming artists like me as I know how hard it can be trying to navigate this industry” Sheila told Buzz.

    Her advice to youths and those trying to venture into music and the entertainment industry is to simply FOCUS!

    “Another thing that I always tell myself; focus, be patient, and trust the process, putting in effort, working smart and being consistent inorder to build a stronger foundation of success.” She advised.

    “One should not give up at any point. You can take breaks, but always come back stronger!” she added

    You can follow Sheila Ligeyo on all social @Sheila_ligeyo and on Youtube @Sheila Ligeyo.

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