Saturday, June 3, 2023

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    Madini Classic and Pritty Vishi hold a ‘Ruracio’ ceremony

    Others are getting married after a month of dating, and then there’s you stuck in the talking stage for over six months, sorry!

    Madini Classic and Pritty Vishi have decided to take their relationship to the next level. The two conducted a Ruracio ceremony yesterday. Insert Rihanna’s ‘we found love in a hopeless place ‘

    Ruracio is the dowry negotiation and payment part of the traditional ceremony. The ruracio goes according to the customs whereby a bride’s dowry is particularly determined by the amount of dowry that her father paid for her mother. The dowry price is valued in terms of livestock & other goodies.

    Before Madini Classic slid in Pritty’s DM, she had already set her dowry at Ksh 2 million- and she received numerous criticism from netizens who thought she isn’t worth it.

    “My dowry is 2 million and I do not want cows it’s not a lot as you know your worth it’s a must you set your standards,” she said.

    As she manifested the same, she eventually found one who was willing to pay more to Pritty’s family. In his statement, Madini, who claims to be intrigued by her mannerism and beauty, maintained that he would even pay Ksh 4 million willingly instead of 2.

    “Izi pekeake izi ni io pesa bro so kama natembea na 2 million kwa shingo, za kumpea tu yaani ni kama sweet to nanunua kwa duka, ata nitaongeza itakua 4 million.” Madini said as he fiddled with an array of bling.

    Vishy didn’t wait for long as videos of their Ruracio ceremony circulated on social media. However, many are saying this is a clout-chasing game and we are being played.

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