Saturday, June 3, 2023

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    Diana Marua reveals that she was depressed when she found out she was pregnant

    Diana Marua and Bahati confirmed people’s speculations that they were expecting a baby last week through their new music video ‘Nakulombotove’

    The influencer is expecting her third child with Bahati, she has two biological children, a daughter and a son. She also has two more children, one adopted and the other a stepdaughter.

    In a video she posted on YouTube, Diana revealed that she has always wanted to give birth to the last child at a time that she would choose. Bahati had told her severally that he wanted another kid so Diana promised to gift him someday.

    She seemed to be so happy while breaking the pregnancy news that no one would tell that it affected her when she found out.

    However, she broke down in the video of breaking the news to her lastborn sister Michelle saying that the pregnancy caught her unawares.

    That she was shocked when she missed her periods and started feeling weak all the time then the pregnancy test turned out positive.

    She said that she tried to pretend that she was happy but deep down she knew that she was in denial. At that time she had no one to share her fears and anxiety with because only Bahati knew what she was going through but he was busy with politics.

    That she, later on, learned to be strong on her own and then embraced the pregnancy. She is now in a better place of acceptance that is why she can talk about it.

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