Friday, March 31, 2023

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    Lupita Nyong’o’s video eating ants that has left Kenyans talking (VIDEO)

    Lupita Nyong’o has elicited a mixed reaction on her social media after a video of her eating ants went viral.

    Lupita who is in the company of some of her friends at an event is seen enjoying a mango fruit with some dead ants.

    Here in Kenya, we have a TikToker who recently went viral after eating a spider. He developed some health complications and ended up in the hospital with a swollen face. Previously he had eaten a bat.

    Surely we can say that lately, people are going out of the way to endanger themselves for likes and followers, what do you think was Hollywood star Lupita Nyong’o was aiming at eating ants?

    In the video, Lupita explained that the ants taste well as her friends talked about trying out other delicacies like crickets.

    “These are ants and taste good.”

    In the caption, Lupita shared;

    “You can call me Ant-Woman!! #Marvel #Ants #Foodie,” she captioned the video.

    The video has left her fans with mixed reactions with many claiming they would not try that.

    _c.m.uu: One thing about me…put some hot sauce on it and I’m gonna eat it.

    maiywill4ever: You’re gonna start feeling ANTsy Lupita

    nesha_never_worried: Well can you come eat the ones on my porch.

    _resilient_woman: That’s what my mango looked like when I dropped it on the ground that one time.

    oranailspotI bet they taste like kumbe kumbe.

    evanhenrycatlett: I hear they taste lemony! Most of the world eats bugs outside of large western nations.

    wilyencoExcellent! I’ve had ant eggs (escamoles) but not a grown ant. Were they nutty in flavor?

    gabrielle_dennis: On purpose??? I would’ve definitely assumed the waiter dropped mine and I would’ve asked for a new one…maybe I don’t get out enough but YOU at least look great lol.

    jesse_corona: If Lupita endorses, I’m down!

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