Friday, March 31, 2023

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    “Wewe nikikupata nakukula kama ugali” Willy Paul lusts over Jovial, she reponds

    It looks like Willy Paul is on a mission to get a taste of Kenya’s celebrated musician Jovial. He publicly lusted over jovial’s recent Instagram post.

    ‘Bwana Mkunaji’ couldn’t help himself from salivating for the singer after she made a post on her Instagram. The female singer has been posting thirst traps photos on her Instagram, which have inadvertently roped in Willy Paul’s confession- saying he wants a taste of her.

    This is not the first time Willy Paul is thirsting over Kenyan female celebrities. He also confessed the same for Azziad Nasenya & Avril. Who wouldn’t crush on these hotties anyway?

    Willy Paul is not letting Jovial go easily without giving him a taste, he went ahead to comment on Jovial’s post.

    “wewe nikikukapata nakukula na ugali ya ushago. Aki mapenzi wewe.”

    Jovial however, turned down the naughty pick-up line and wrote back;

    “mimi sio size yako! Tafuta size yako.”

    The immediate reactions from fans was that the two are just clout chasing for their upcoming project. It’s probably the right thing to say for now. Time will tell.

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