Friday, March 31, 2023

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    “Bahati itabidi aendee vasectomy” Diana opens up about how unplanned her third pregnancy was

    Kenyan rapper and content creator Diana has opened up on how being pregnant for the third time was not planned. She shared that she wend into depression because she could not come into terms with it.

    Recently, Bahati and Diana announced that they are pregnant in a lovely music video. They seemed to look happy until Diana revealed on her YouTube that she was not okay as the pregnancy had taken her by surprise.

    The couple has two children of their own, having been blessed with a baby girl Heaven Bahati who is the firstborn and second boy Majesty Bahati making the expected baby the third born in the family.

    They also have an adopted son, Morgan Bahati and a daughter from Bahati’s previous relationship Mueni Bahati, totalling to five children.

    On Mungai Eve’s YouTube channel dubbed ‘Mungai Eve ‘ Diana Bahati revealed that she’s grateful for her five babies and feels confident that she’s is done having more babies hence requesting her husband to do a vasectomy.

    “Bahati should go and do a vasectomy. Because at this point that is the only thing he is supposed to do for me. Mimi zile sacrifice nimefanya, nimembebea watoto, huyu niwa tatu. Yeye aende afunge tumalize. I have five children at this particular point. I can’t.”

    She also went on to reveal that she wasn’t ready for baby number three. It came as a surprise to her.

    “When I discovered I was pregnant I went into a mental breakdown. I remember it was a period where I was so sick, all sorts of emotions running and all that. It was not easy. I was so scared. Time heals. God somehow gives you comfort, people around you. I have a good support system.”

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