Saturday, June 3, 2023

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    “Yaani umekata mpaka mburungo?” Celebrities react to Eric Omondi’s bikini Ad

    Comedian Eric Omondi is going overboard with his Bikini and cross-dressing behavior that keeps on rattling many cages. In a clip he shared on his Instagram on Tuesday, August 23, the comedian appeared to do a rendition of Beyonce’s famous Single Ladies choreography.

    Omondi even got a voice-over to sing the famous tune as he danced flagged by two other ladies. The advertisement was promoting tummy oil that his character Divalicious will be selling.

    Kenyan celebrities did not waste time getting back at the comedian who has continued being the talk of the town with her numerous crossdressing episodes.

    Fellow comedian Dj Shiti started off by ridiculing Eric Omondi about his genitalia which was nonexistent in the video.

    ????????Mjurubengoz Imeangarishwa nyuma hadi shoot ikaisha…

    Sauti Sol’s Bien couldn’t miss the opportunity to get back at the comedian. The two have always gone at each other and Bien was not letting this slide.

    Comedy hahahahahaha

    Musician Nebulazz also chimed in with comments of his own forming another moniker for the comedian.

    Aaàaaaaaah ERICA AMONDI.??? Idiyo tonge malitna ??

    Singer Nadia Mukami also wondered what Eric Omondi was up to and referred the comedian to a TV show that was popular with cross-dressers.

    Rupaul’s drag race????? Category is……….??Bring back my girls!

    KRG the Don went in hard and told Eric Omondi that it would be advisable if he just got implants on his behinds.

    Aloooh ????? Sasa weka silicon kwa matakolya upige kazi kabisa ?????

    Radio Maisha presenter Mwende Macharia was impressed by the whole choroegraphy and congratulated Eric Omondi on his creativity. She noticed the last pose in the video and just laughed at the comedian.

    Ni Hilo pozi la Mwisho mwanangu????

    Eddie Butita seemed to agree with Dj Shiti when he noticed that Eric Omondi had hidden his man parts very well.
    Umeenda full force, yani umekata mpaka burungo?

    Comedian Oga Obinna had the same question too when he asked where Eric Omondi had tucked his tools

    ????Where is the Jethro Tool??

    The comedian has continued to promote most of his craft by using women’s dresses and makeup attracting a lot of attention from Kenyans.

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