Friday, March 31, 2023

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    The lie in beLIEve


    I grew up in a home that believed the Bible was the literal word of God. They taught us a lot of things that would even cause me anxiety. Like the idea that thinking about sin is just as bad as committing the sin in his eyes. He was reading our minds and always watching over everything. Or the constant threats to remind us that if we did not have unquestioning faith in him, we would burn for all eternity.

    Being a logic-based person, I had a lot of questions about this belief system that no one had answers to.


    -Why would he punish us forever when we lived just about 70 years?
    -Why does he care so much if we believe what a book says?
    -Why can’t I question an all knowing God about a book written by man?
    -Why create a hell for people you dearly love?
    -Why punish a whole generation because one person pissed you off?
    -Why curse out women who want abortions in the name of a God who killed his own son at 33yrs.
    -Why would you go to war with each other and kill your own children for a God who is all powerful? (he could not do it himself?)
    -Why would he watch all the evil happening in the world and do nothing about it?

    Is it that he;
    -Does not exist?
    -Exists but is incompetent?
    -Or just a sadist who can but won’t do anything about it?

    -Why would he run a hate campaign against a guy who has never gotten a chance to tell his side of the story? (Lucifer)
    (And talking of lucifer, make a list of how many people he killed in the bible and compare that to the lord and saviors’ list. Whos killing people?)

    -Why would he make Abraham wait almost his whole life for him to give him a son and then procced to ask him to kill the child?
    -Why would he actually let him go through with the plan?

    (Abraham had to make a shrine, fire, position his son and lift the knife in the air for God to decide he was amused enough and sent an angel to call off the prank. But for a God who will kill his own son to show you how much “he loves you”, asking you to kill yours to prove you love him too is not shocking. Imagine how traumatized poor Isaac was?)

    -Why would he wait for Adam and Eve to eat the fruit, just to punish them and the generations after them. If he is all knowing, he knew they would eat it right? So why was he pissed? He could not handle a disappointment he had already seen coming?
    The answer to all this is that it is all intentional and according to his plan. Which confuses me more. How wicked are these intentions?

    I don’t subscribe to the sky daddy fantasy but I respect every persons right to believe in who or what they want to, but question everything, don’t take things for the truth because someone from the past said it was. They were human too, capable of lying, making things up and twisting truths.

    Nothing exists outside YOU.

    We would love to hear what you think of religion, the why and why nots.

    In the meantime, be kind and be YOU.



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