Friday, March 31, 2023

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    Meghan Markle Reveals She Is 43% Nigerian

    Meghan Markle is making headlines once again and this time it has everything to do with her roots of origin.

     The Duchess of Sussex has revealed that she is 43% Nigerian.

    During a session on her podcast ”Archetype”, Markle, who is of a mixed race told Nigerian-American writer Ziwe Fumudoh, and professor Emily Bernards about her heritage.

    The Duchess says she wanted to find out more about her background, hence she took a genealogy test – a test that shows one’s family history through examination of DNA variations.

    “I’m actually 43% Nigerian…So I am going to start to dig deeper into all this because everyone I have told, especially Nigerian women, are just like ‘whaaat this is so big for our community,” Meghan said.

    In the podcast episode, Meghan and the hosts delved into how a black woman is labeled as “the angry black woman.”

    They further highlighted the difference of being “clear” and being “difficult”.

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